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We currently have 33 kids a month sponsored. Our goal is to partner with our community to sponsor over 100 kids a month. If you would like to partner with us then click the link to join us.

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Their Approach

Nutritional Meals

feedONE feeds and monitors the health and growth of children each day in far-flung places such as El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Ethiopia, South Africa, Guatemala, Tanzania and the Dominican Republic. They implement appropriate sustainability programs based on the needs represented in each country.


In many instances, children in their programs are fed through local school leaders. Parents in growing countries place a higher value on education when they know their children will be fed a healthy and nutritious meal in school.

Clean and Safe Water

Clean water sustains life. They are committed to the collection of water, distribution of water filtration systems, and training and equipping local partners where safe water is not available.

Healthy Living Environments

Dangerous structures and improper sanitation can derail a child’s life. feedONE create healthy living environments by teaching appropriate sanitation practices, completing school rehabilitation projects and showing locals how to build clean and proper latrines.