Our Story

Get the Word Out

We want to be able to let the university and community know that there is a church in town that believes in them. We want people to know that no matter where they have been or what they have done there is a place that they are always welcome. You can get more info about REMIX HERE!

Serve Coffee

We want to serve the people of our community. Whether it be giving a free cup of coffee to our community hero’s (uniformed civil servants) or to be able to show up at local community events and help to make our Heartland Area better…we want to be a part.

Reach the World

The profits from our coffee truck will go to helping both our local community and the world be a better place. We will use those funds for organizations like feedOne and others. You can go to our causes page for more info on those organizations.

The REMIX Coffee Co. is a Ministry of Cape First

If you would like more info on Cape First you can check out our website HERE.